It is important for the temperature devices to be correctly calibrated to known fixed points so to ensure their accuracy. While these are comparatively simple instruments, the consequences of an erroneous temperature calibration can result in huge loss.

DLEC has the equipment to calibrate temperature devices and thermocouples. We are able to carry out temperature calibration both on site as well as in our laboratory.

Temperature Capabilities

Our constantly-growing calibration laboratory currently includes the ability to calibrate equipment within the following specifications


·         Steam autoclaves and medical sterilisers ·         Temperature gauges and controllers ·         Thermocouples
·         Data loggers and vaccine temperature monitors ·         Food safety probe thermometers ·         HACCP certified thermometers
·         Data loggers for temperature, humidity and industrial temperature controls ·         Medical thermometers, blood, and vaccine storage monitors and loggers ·         Handheld non-contact thermometers
·         Mercury in glass bulb thermometers ·         Plastics extrusion thermocouple temperature controllers ·         Optical pyrometers
·         Medical freezers ·         Medical storage fridges ·         Cold storage facilities
·         Refrigerated trucks ·         Medical autoclaves ·         Medical sterilisers
·         Medical incubators ·         Water baths ·         Dry heat ovens
·         Furnaces ·         Heat exchangers
·         Temperature controllers for process plants ·         Weather stations


MEASURE / SIMULATE Thermocouple 


Type J: -210°C ~1200°C (-346°F~2192°F) ±(0.03%+1)
Type K: -200°C ~1372°C (-328°F~2501°F) ±(0.03%+2)
Type T: -200°C ~400°C (-328°F~752°F) ±(0.03%+3)
Type E: -200°C ~1000°C (-328°F~1832°F) ±(0.03%+4)
Type N: -200°C ~1300°C (-328°F~2372°F) ±(0.03%+5)
Type R: -40°C ~1768°C (-40°F~3214°F) ±(0.03%+2)
Type S: -20°C ~1763°C (-4°F~3205°F) ±(0.03%+3)
Type B: 400°C ~1820°C (752°F~3308°F) ±(0.03%+4


Pt10/Pt50/Pt100/Pt200/Pt500/Pt1000(385) Pt100(JIS)

Range 0 to 3200°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy 0.1°C to 1°C