DLEC able to calibrate all makes and models of sound meters and noise meters accurately, quickly and for great low prices. Regular calibration of your sound equipment ensures that all testing results are as accurate as possible, and our professional calibration laboratory technicians are able to match your sound meter against a known standard in order to ensure that the device is working within acceptable sound level parameters.

Companies with stringent requirements in measuring noise & dB levels choose DLEC to perform their Sound Level Meter Calibrations. Our world-class calibration laboratory utilizes an ISO 9001 compliant quality system to service the sound level meters. We also test sound as per OSHA safety regulations, test machinery noise in industries.


Light meters measure the amount of visible light in a defined area, and provide output readings in LUX (lux meter) or some other units. Accurate light measurement is vital to the various industries, but it’s also a major issue for OSHA compliance, security, clean room standards, industrial processes, and environments that contain photosensitive materials. At DLEC, we offer calibration services for photometric light meters that measure luminance, almost all models for a broad array of applications across

a variety of industries.


DLEC can calibrate a wide variety of flow devices. Our team is able to calibrate many types of flow devices including conventional flow meters, sensors and specific devices built for the measurement of water and other types of fluid flow. Calibration is performed either in our environmentally safe in-house calibration lab, or we can also arrange to come directly to your premises to provide on-site calibration when you’ve got a large amount of equipment you don’t want to ship off. To arrange calibration simply email or call us directly.


Whether it’s a multimeter, a batch of earth testers, clamp meters, loop testers, hipot, oil tester or some other testers, we can accurately calibrate your equipment.

Our team of highly trained professionals is able to ensure that test instruments are performing correctly and conform to all manufacturer standards.   Electrical test equipment comes in different forms, and our calibration experts are able to ensure that the instruments under calibration are working exactly how they should be. Whatever your electrical test instrument is, we’re confident we can calibrate and repair it for you all for a great price. We are also able to repair test equipment. Sometimes the team may also find errors when performing calibration, allowing them to inform you about potential problems with your tester. Once you give us the go ahead, we can then repair these faults, calibrate your device and ensure your electrical test equipment is safe for use and gives correct readings for another year.